Lab 1, Day 2

I have installed all the Git related software and have completed the first step in the setup for Github on my personal laptop. I am going to now attempt to successfully complete the “Create a Repo” step that I ┬áhad trouble with during regular lab time on Monday.

The following is a screenshot of the lines of code where I previously encountered an error.


This time I succeeded in pushing the README file to the repository.

Finally, I completed the forking and cloning of the Spoon-Knife as can be seen in the image below.


  • Anthony Salvagno

    Great use of screen shots. As you’ve demonstrated, the more informative the information your notes contain, the better. Images are great for this. As a critique, you should try to add personal notes or thoughts in your notebook. How did you resolve the issue? What were you doing that caused the issue? What might your possible troubleshooting methods be? Where did you go to resolve said issue?

    Get my point?

    Grade: A