Final Project: Electronic Supplies Ordered

The following are the list of of supplies that I have ordered to build the electronic portion of the device.

Arduino Rev 3 Starter Kit : The Arduino Uno Board was already supplied in lab but I am required to purchase one for another class I am currently taking so I decided to buy this kit so I also have the bread board, holder, and wires for use in this project.

Futaba S3003 Servo Standard (2): After investigating several different models of servo motors I settled on this one based on reviews and torque provided.

Microtivity Push-and-Lock Button Switch: I am purchasing with the desire for an on/off switch in mind but also with further development for different shaking intervals.

Wall Adapter Power Supply 9VDC 650 mA: I thought about using a battery adapter but decided on the wall adapter because of not wanting to purchase large quantities of batteries if this proves to be of practical use for my job.

Arduino Motor Shield R3 (Data Sheet): I am planning on trying to wire the device without this shield first. If I am unsuccessful I want to have the shield on hand.

I am still not sure if I am going to need an additional power supply for the servo motors or if I am going to be able to simply draw the power from the board.