Though my experience using figshare has been limited to the single assignment where we were required to make use of it, I can see its potential for being of great benefit to lab science. It allows one to easily store all data associated with their projects and makes it easy to search for data of other’s that may be of use. If scientists were to upload data which was good and bad it could lead to greater accountability and understanding by others of their projects. As far as functionality it worked great. I do have one suggestion regarding the screen where you create a new data entry. I have uploaded a screen capture  of this to better illustrate my point. While filling out the information on my data I twice mistakenly clicked on one of the recent tags on the right hand column thinking that it would populate them in to the tags field within the form I was filling out. Instead, it just used navigated me to a list of already created data sets where I had used the tags. When I attempted to return to the original screen to complete inputting data, I found that I had to reenter all my data. I would suggest a warning that you are navigating away from the page and will lose data or something of this nature.