Final Project: Code (2)

I’ve run into a mental block concerning the exact implementation of the design for the physical construction of the Rita Shaker, so I’ve decided to focus on making sure I can run the servo motors with the arduino board. The arduino program actually has a sample program to control a servo motor in the servo library.



I uploaded the program and nothing happened. This may have something to do with my use of the Arduino Motor Shield R3.

After searching various sites for how to interface a servo motor with the motor shield I am still frustrated. In most of the posts found they talk about interfacing with a stepper motor. If I wanted I could completely abandon the shield and just interface directly with the arduino board. Now that I reread the page that describes the use of the motor shield I am aware that it does not list servo motors as one of the suggested items to run with it. This may be because of their relative simplicity and how easy it is to use them directly with the board.

The sites I looked at can be found here, here, and here.

I am going to consult with some people before I go and cut off the ends of the wiring for the servo motors so I can connect it to pins on the arduino board.