Junior Lab 2: A Retrospective

Over the course of my time at UNM I have taken part in many different types of labs including biology, chemistry, and physics. I can say without a doubt, however, that the last two semesters of Junior physics lab have been unlike any others I have encountered. With past labs there has always been a very strict procedure to be followed and at times this is absolutely necessary. Yet, with the type of experiments and work done in this lab it made for a much more rewarding experience to have the instructions left open ended. It is important to note that I am an individual that usually likes to have very detailed instructions on how everything should work in all aspects of my life. The approach taken in the lab ended up being very empowering and freeing. I gained confidence in creating ideas and taking risks. I also learned to rely on and trust my fellow classmates and to approach the endeavors of our projects in a collaborative manner. With regard to the electronics portion of the class, I think it would of benefit to introduce the arduino earlier in the course and to integrate it into the already established projects.  In the end I think the approach taught my Dr. Koch and Anthony has greatly impacted me in regards to laboratory science but also in a very personal way as well. The belief that we should be open to new and novel ways of doing things is a very important one that this class accomplished at making apparent.