Final Project: Links and Final Thoughts

Below are the links that pertain to this project:


YouTube Video



Final Thoughts:

I am pretty proud that I was able to construct a ‘Rita Shaker’ that was really to close to what i desired. As this is a prototype there are many improvements that can be made to the design. They are as follows:

Electronic Components:

Servo motors with greater torque would be of great use. The ‘Rita Shaker’ struggled when too much was added to the blue shaker.

I would like to incorporate more switches to control the number of shakes a performed.


The addition of casing to conceal the electronic components.

Possible shortening of the arms.

Reinforcement of the attachment between the servo motors and the base.

Overall aesthetic improvement.


Add code to let different speed setting be enabled.

Add code to set a specific amount of shakes.

Add code to return arms to vertical position when complete.

Final Project: Completed Code

I have finally completed the code to run my ‘Rita Shaker’. I took the sweep program provided as an example with the Arduino software and modified it.

I modified it to include a second servo. Initially I ran into some issues because of the manner in which I mounted the servo motors to the base. They are oriented in opposite directions, which resulted them moving in opposite directions when I ran my initial code. I solved this by telling the Rservo to move to a position that equaled 180 degrees minus the position of the Lservo. I also restricted the movement of the arms from 62 degrees to 167 degrees. This helped to prevent the arms from ramming the shaker into the base. I also experimented with increasing the speed of the movement by decreasing the amount of delay between movements. This worked well but when I tested out the ‘Rita Shaker’ while filled, the body of the Lservo cracked slightly. This necessitated reinforcing them by anchoring them with bungee cords.

Frame Complete

I have completed the frame and have hooked up the electronic components.












To get a full description of how the body was constructed check out my post that will be linked to later.

Now it is time to give this a go.

Final Project: Servo Motor Success

Alright, so there has a bit of delay making progress on this project due to numerous circumstances. I purchased some more supplies for the construction of the body from Home Depot and I will address that in a post that concerns my building it. Right now, however, I am excited to say that I finally got the servo motor working. I cut off the connector at the end. Then using heat -shrink tubes I connected each of the individual wires to the jumper wires, so that I could easily plug them into the Arduino. Then I used the sample code ‘Sweep’ found in the servo motor library. This code was successful it moving the servo motor. I may need to look into finding a way to increase the speed of rotation.











I just altered and added some code to the provided sweep function. This allows me to add a second servo motor and have them run in sync.