Lab 11: OpAmps

The goal of this lab is to investigate the uses of OpAmps.


Check Power Supply:


+ 12 V Power Supply : 11.97 V

-12 V Power Supply: 18.60 V

5 V (TOP) Power Supply: 5.011 V

5 V (BOTTOM) Power Supply: 5.011 V

DO NOT USE HeathKit due the malfunctioning -12 V Power Supply

Bread Board w/ Power Supply:

+ 12 V Power Supply : 11.77 V

-12 V Power Supply: 12.04V

5 V  Power Supply: 5..158V


Looked at voltage follower on hyperphysics and the voltage follower on falstad applet.

Voltage Follower

OpAmp Power Supply Connections

I used the diodes in the above diagram where others did not. It does not make a difference in the oscilloscope readings but rather is a safety measure to protect the opamp.

Voltage Follower


Voltage Follower











I was able to get identical waveforms.

Oscilloscope Reading Voltage Follower

Zoomed in and found breakdown of waveform around 7500 H


Oscilloscope Reading at 6844 Hz




Oscilloscope Reading at 7985 Hz


Oscilloscope Reading at 12145 Hz

Summing Amplifier

Summing Amplifier

Summing Amplifier


measure input from function generator (channel 1)

measure output (channel 2) (inverts and adds)

Oscilloscope Reading from Summing Amplifier