Final Project: Device Frame

Below is the initial doodle I drew while at work and envisioning the structural construction of the device.










After the discussing the idea with parents and friends I believe that it may increase stability of the Rita Shaker if add guide grooves that would direct the motion of the arms. This will hopefully restrict any possible wobbling.

Tomorrow I plan on visiting home depot to find parts for the construction of the base, the arms, the guide grooves, and the holder for the shaker.

With regard to the actual shaker, I am going to use one of the two types that we currently use at Chili’s.












I’m leaning towards using the one on the left because it is made of plastic instead of glass. Not only would this decrease the fragility, but also the overall weight the servo motors would be required to move. The heaviness of materials will also heavily factor into my choice of materials for the frame.