Final Project: Brainstorming

This past weekend I went over to my parents’ house to have a brainstorming session concerning the final project with the Arduino board. We began by discussing what may possibly interest me and what may also be feasible with regard to the time constraints. After relating the story about the light system for the bike, the conversation turned to what could possibly be of use to me. I stopped to think of what annoys me most in my life and my mind quickly leapt to the current promotion going on at my work. I am a bartender at Chili’s Grille & Bar and we are currently halfway through another one of our many margarita contests. These contests necessitate my making a great deal of margaritas during my shifts. For the most part these are not that time consuming, however, the margaritas made with fresh lime juice necessitate vigorous shaking that varies from 5 shakes to 32 shakes. Now, simply making one of these is not a difficult ordeal, but when a server rings in five of them during the rush it can be very stressful and physically taxing to accomplish.

During these contests I always daydream of having a device that akin to a blender that could shake these drinks for me, while I focused on another task. I decided that I would investigate the possibility of constructing and programming such a device with the use of the Arduino board. After examining the Arduino store it appears to me that this is a distinct possibility. Some of the components that I believe may be of use to me during the construction are listed below.

Box for Arduino

Arduino Motor Shield Rev3

Servo Module (Possibly 2-3)

I just became aware that to but components directly from the Arduino store may be cost prohibitive as the shipping costs are exorbitant. After browsing through the page where they list their licensed distributors, it appears that Adafruit Industries may have the most comprehensive set of components from which I could choose.

After looking at the sites and thinking about shipping costs it dawned on me that I should check out, as I have a Prime membership with them and their products tend to be less expensive in general. (possible components to buy)

Wall Adapter Power Supply – 9VDC 650mA