Lab 2, Day 1

I began by creating a directory where the the forked 2012-Physics-308L-Lab-2 repository will be stored once it is cloned to the local computer. This later turned out to be redundant as when the repository is cloned to the local computer it creates a directory of the same name as that of the repository. This created some issues when pushing the folder back to the repository but this will be discussed later.

The lab went pretty smoothly. I initially started by reading the Introduction to LabView but was able to quickly realize that it would be more productive if I attempted to create the assigned program and only referred to the tutorial as needed. I eventually, even abandoned this and instead just referred to the help section in LabView itself.

The actual generation of the program was pretty straightforward. Through referencing both the help section of LabView, the example program provided by Steve Koch, and Professor Koch himself, I was able to construct a program that generated exponentially distributed random numbers and the provided a histogram of these numbers. I did have some difficulty connecting the wires between objects but after some practice I became more adept at it. Also, I changed the cursor to auto mode and this saved time by not having to change constantly between different functions, such as wiring mode.

When committing and uploading the documents to GitHub I ran into some difficulties. As mentioned early, I created a new directory and then forked and cloned the given repository to the lab computer. However, this created a directory within the directory I had just created. When I wanted to commit and upload the file I had to make sure that I was accessing the directory that was created with I cloned the repository. Once I did this I was able to easily upload the files. The final issue I had was navigating the commenting program that auto loaded when I initiated upload. Professor Koch helped with this by telling me that within this program you pressed “i” to insert a comment, “esc” to exit the program. Additionally, there was a time where he had me hold down “shift” and press “z” “z”. I will need to ask him about this once more in the future.

Once everything was uploaded, I took screen captures of the front and block diagram views of the from LabView. These can be found below.

Additionally, I went to get screen captures of the GitHub code for reference but I received an error stating the computer was encountering a failure while trying to access the clipboard. George also experienced this same problem. Instead, I took pictures of the monitor with my Iphone. The photos are less clear but they serve their purpose and can be found below.


Lastly, I failed to remember that I simply saved this post as a draft and did not post it on the day of the lab. I realized this when I went to comment on other notebooks today.


Lab 1, Day 2

I have installed all the Git related software and have completed the first step in the setup for Github on my personal laptop. I am going to now attempt to successfully complete the “Create a Repo” step that I  had trouble with during regular lab time on Monday.

The following is a screenshot of the lines of code where I previously encountered an error.


This time I succeeded in pushing the README file to the repository.

Finally, I completed the forking and cloning of the Spoon-Knife as can be seen in the image below.


Lab1, Day 1

We began by creating accounts on both the computer in the lab and at After this we followed all of the other students on Github. Then we moved onto installing the Github software on the computers and then worked through the initial setup and the beginning of the tutorial. I, along with a couple of the other students, encountered an error when attempting to push our README file to the repository. After several attempts at this process, including one with the help of Dr. Koch, I was unable to succeed. He suggested that we record the error message but I was unable to do so due to my already exiting the program. From here I moved onto reading the text concerning Git and will attempt to perform the setup and tutorial for Git on my laptop.